We value the role of research communities in fostering innovation and debate and helping to build open, just and prosperous societies in southern Africa

We support the production and application of research through our postgraduate scholarship programmes, as well as through our partnerships with civil society organisations. 


Scholar & Alumni Publications

Arts & Humanities


Francis Simui: Demystifying the process of ODL policy development in a dual-mode context: lessons from Zambia (2018)


Law & Justice


Politics & Social Science

Land & Environment

Vathiswa Papu-Zamxaka: Environmental legislation and contamination: The gap between theory and reality in South Africa [with T. Harpham & A. Mathee] (2010)

Science & Engineering


Pancho Mulogengi (in collaboration with L.F.Johnson, A. Marr, and T. Lane): Age bias in survey sampling and implications for estimating HIV prevalence in men who have sex with men: insights from mathematical modelling. (2018)
Nicolette Adams: A novel candidate HIV vaccine vector based on the replication deficient Capripoxvirus, Lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) [with Y. Shen et al.] (2015)
Gillian Attwood: Quantitative versus qualitative approaches: A comparison of two research methods applied to identification of key health issues for working horses in Lesotho [with M. Upjohn et al.]


Civil Society Research Projects

Bail & Remand Detention: Entry Points into Evaluating Gauteng’s Court Stakeholders (Robyn Leslie, November 2012)
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Living Customary Law Along the South African Coastline (Jackie Sunde, June 2013)
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Utilising Community Radio to Disseminate Information about Access to Justice in Gauteng (Wits Justice Project, December 2013)
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