Legacies, Donations in Memory and Partnerships

Our scholarship programmes are funded through a variety of means. Many are made possible by PDF iconlegacies and donations in memory, which have enabled us to fund some of the following programmes, as well as contributing towards the Trust’s existing projects. Other programmes are funded by partnerships with corporates and organisations. 

In memory of James Learmonth

James Learmonth was a gifted and influential educational practitioner in the UK who believed strongly that education was the key to greater inclusion, social stability and international co-operation. The James Learmonth Scholarship, set up in his honour by friends and family, aims to support teachers and educational leaders in Malawi to pursue further studies in education.

In memory of Ros Moger and Terry Furlong

Ros and Terry were inspirational London educationalists with a strong belief in the value of education as a tool to challenge injustice. Since 2001 scholarships set up in their name have supported more than 120 southern African students to study in the areas of education, health, humanities and the arts. You can make a donation to support RMTF scholars here.

The Rick Turner Scholarship

Launched on 8th January 1988, ten years after Turner was murdered by an agent of South Africa’s apartheid regime, the Rick Turner Scholarship was established by his daughters Jann and Kim and his first wife Barbara Follett MP. It is now also sponsored by Ken Follett, international best-selling author.


In memory of Dr Elizabeth Bird

In memory of Elizabeth Bird, a dedicated educationalist, the Elizabeth Bird Resource Centre was established in 2011 at the University of Malawi. The centre is intended as a library and learning haven, primarily for the use of students following the Masters in Education degree at Chancellor College.

In memory of Lionel Cliffe

Lionel Cliffe was an esteemed academic and activist, who spent time teaching at universities in Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. From 2016, a scholarship in his name will fund postgraduate studies for southern African students in South African Universities.

In Memory of Patrick and Janet Stuart

Janet and Patrick Stuart lived in Lesotho from 1979 to 1985, working in education and accountancy respectively. From 2016, a scholarship for postgraduate education will be offered to students from Lesotho in in memory of Patrick, who died in 2007, and to commemorate the couple’s warm links with the Basotho people.

Leigh Day Scholarships

In partnerships with London-based law firm Leigh Day, we have been funding LLB Law scholars at the University of the Western Cape for over 15 years. With a shared commitment to social justice, our collaboration has been fruitful, enabling more than 65 students to complete their law degrees. Additional support from Leigh Day has allowed us to expand this scholarship programme to the University of Fort Hare in 2016.

Thekgo Bursaries

The Thekgo bursary scheme was created in 2011 by a small group of friends who felt strongly about the plight of first year students at South African universities struggling to pay their registration fees. The bursary scheme, administered by the Canon Collins Trust, extends a supportive hand towards initial registration fees for new students until they have found out more about available funding opportunities within the university system. To find out more or to make a donation, pleasePDF iconclick here

Tom Queba

In memory of Tom Queba

Tom Queba was a leader in the George taxi industry. His passion, commitment and vision for improved public transport, and for the future of the minibus taxi industry in George contributed greatly to the achievement of the GO GEORGE bus service. He was tragically killed in 2014, which prompted Pegasys to form the Tom Queba Memorial Fund and establish the Tom Queba Engineering Scholarship for Social Change in his memory.

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