Wonga Hexana
Scientist, Legal Mind, Author and Speaker
South Africa
University of the Witwatersrand
  • Dr Wonga Hexana is a scientist, legal mind, author and speaker.
  • He is a Trustee for the Wilson Manor Body Corporate and is currently completing his LLB degree through UNISA and Intellectual Property Exams through the DTI Patent Examination Board.
  • In addition to possessing an inquisitive mind, Wonga is blessed with an innate ability to cut across a multi-faceted plethora of fields.
  • He is an international citizen having lived, studied and worked in four different countries, and has travelled extensively across four continents.
  • Wonga’s website contains details of his current areas of professional focus, as well as links to his blog.
Greatest achievement: 

Being able to give back to society through various initiatives associated with different sectors of the South African economy.


Professional interests: 

Business, Legal, Research and Development sectors.

Current occupation: 
Scientist, SASOL