Tawachi Nyasulu
Telecommunications engineer supporting girls in STEM
University of Leeds
Innovation / IT
  • Tawachi is a Telecommunications engineer from Malawi.
  • After completing BSc in electrical engineering from University of Malawi in 2003, Tawachi worked with a mobile phone operator for close to a year before joining the United Nations.
  • After her father passed away while she was still studying, Tawachi was left with the responsibility of helping her mum to pay school fees for four siblings. As a result, she was forced to delay further studies.
  • In 2014, Tawachi was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship through Canon Collins Trust to study for an MSc (Eng) in Digital Communications Networks at University of Leeds.
  • Subsequently, she has obtained a second Commonwealth Scholarship to study for a PhD in Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University of Strathclyde, beginning in 2016.
  • She has published, and presented at conferences on the topic of digitizing early-years healthcare.
  • Tawachi’s vision is to build a successful academic career, as well as to mentor, inspire and support girls to consider STEM courses even up to postgraduate level.
  • Watch this video of Tawachi explaining her Information Technologies research.
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Greatest achievement: 

I feel a sense of achievement when I look at the progress in the lives of the girls and boys I have mentored, or assisted by paying their school fees.

Professional interests: 

Having worked as an engineer in the private sector and with the United Nations, I am taking steps to transition into an academic career. My interests lie in research, teaching, and consultancy.

Current occupation: 
Telecommunications Engineer