Shaun Ruysenaar
Consultant and Business Developer who strives to be "part of the solution"
South Africa
University of Edinburgh
Social Sciences, Environment
  • Shaun is a proud South African and hopes to be part of the solution, whatever that entails.
  • He has recently completed his PhD in African Studies, with a focus on biofuel policy in southern Africa
  • He is a drummer, photographer and professionally, keeps himself busy with a variety of different consulting and business development opportunities.
  • Shaun is co-director of the companies Earth Stone and JFKS which provide advice on sustainable development.
  • He is also an expert in business management, labour relations and research, working as a consultant in a number of different fields, and is an all-round problem solver.
Greatest achievement: 

Aiming to be "part of the solution" through all my endeavours

Professional interests: 

Sustainable technology, Business management, Labour relations.

Current occupation: