Rina Mandimbiniaina
Promoting conservation as a means of poverty alleviation in Madagascar
Univesitat Rovira y Virgili
  • Rina is a geographer with a strong interest in conservation and its effects on local communies, ecotourism, gender and development in Africa.
  • She was awarded a Masters degree in Technical Analysis and Innovation in Tourism at University Rovira and Virgill, Spain on a Canon Collins/ Graca Machel scholarship
  • She is currently working as a researcher for the p4ges (can paying for global ecosystem services reduce poverty) project.
  • Rina’s research focuses on the net local welfare impacts of alternative Payment Ecosystem Service approaches.
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Greatest achievement: 

Building up the Madagascar Ecotourism "Eco Mada" association.

Professional interests: 

Working in the Tourism and Environmental sectors in order to promote community development and poverty alleviation in Africa.

Current occupation: 
Environmental researcher