Patricia Mathabe
Promoting food security and sustainable agriculture
South Africa
University of Cambridge
  • Patricia comes from very humble beginnings, born and raised in Mamelodi Township by a single mother.
  • Now a single mother herself, to a beautiful boy called Vuyiand, Patricia considers herself a pioneer, a trail blazer and a leader.
  • Patricia is an Agricultural scientist, whom specialises in Proteomics (the large scale study of proteins, particularly their structures and functions).
  • A Pan African at heart, she believes that Africa has everything that it needs and thus a strong intra-continental collaboration is key for future success.
  • Patricia founded an African Society at Montana State University, while studying there as a Fulbright Scholar. 


Greatest achievement: 

My greatest achievement is completing a PhD in the USA in less than four years, while overcoming the challenge of being a single parent in a foreign country.

Professional interests: 

Biotechnology, food security and sustainable agriculture

Current occupation: 
Agricultural Scientist