Lebogang Konyane
Working for change and equality in education
South Africa
University of the Witwatersrand
  • Lebo is a vibrant young person, who obtained her first degree at 21 years old, and who in the same year, started her own company of selling hair and electronic products to students and working class people. 
  • She has gone on to further her law studies in pursuit to use these skills in building and developing her company.
  • With the expansion of the company she hopes to provide electronic products by forms of tablets to high schools in developing communities as well as underprivileged people. 
Greatest achievement: 

Starting her own company. 

Professional interests: 

Currently considering completing a Masters degree in entrepreneurship provided by the Wits Business School, as well as making connections in the corporate world to open new business ventures for her company.  

Current occupation: 
Manager, Canon Collins Educational and Legal Assistance Trust