Leah Matsinha
Advancing women in science and youth entrepreneurship
University of Cape Town
Innovation / IT
  • Leah was born in Gweru, Zimbabwe.
  • In 2013, Leah was awarded a Canon Collins scholarship to complete her PhD in Chemistry and won a Women in Science Award, South Africa.
  • Leah went on to win the Canon Collins Impact award in 2015 , using her funding to teach chemistry and entrepreneurial skills to orphans in Zimbabwe, empowering them through skills development and boosting their self-sufficiency
  • Her greatest professional challenge was having to prove herself in the male dominated world of science.
  • Leah is a member of the South African Chemical Institute.
  • She is available for comment on green chemistry: developing recyclable catalysts from the Platinum Group of Metals.
Professional interests: 

Synthetic organometallic chemistry, catalysis and green chemistry.

Current occupation: 
Chemistry Researcher