Lauda Nel
Passionate about addressing inequality
South Africa
Heriot Watt University
  • Lauda grew up in Soweto and has always had a desire to deepen her understanding of cultures around the world.
  • She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Policy Studies from UNISA in 2012 and have recently graduated as a scholarship recipient from Heriot Watt University for an MBA degree.
  • Because of this interest, she was awarded a partial scholarship to become an exchange student in Costa Rica in 2002 with AFS Interculture International. It was from this experience that she decided to pursue a career in International Development.
  • Lauda has since worked for several international NGO's including the Australian Government's Scholarship program - Australia Awards for Africa.


Greatest achievement: 

Working for NGOs such as USAID in fighting poverty and injustice.

Professional interests: 

Policy, Philanthropy, International Development

Current occupation: 
USAID Pretoria