Hillary Musarurwa
Enhancing financial incusion
University of Cape Town
Innovation / IT
  • Hillary is a Zimbabwean social entrepreneur and emerging action researcher
  • He completed an MPhil in Inclusive Innovations at the University of Cape Town
  • He is a strong believer in the creation of alternative ways of doing business that challenge the system.
  • Hillary is currently focused researching on how social entrepreneurship can be used to address social injustice, inequality and poverty amongst youth in Zimbabwe.
  • He is the founder of PENYA, a financial institution that enhances financial inclusion for Bottom of the Pyramid youth.
  • Hillary is also involved in providing migrant youth with access to financial services through PENYA Finance.
Greatest achievement: 

Piloting his social financial institution (PENYA Finance) and publishing 3 conference papers and 1 book chapter.

Professional interests: 

Social entrepreneurship and the creation of opportunities for marginalised groups such as youth and migrants.

Current occupation: 
PhD Candidate