Elke Matthaei
Strengthening rural development and food security
Stellenbosch University
Social Sciences
  • Elke is a proud Namibian, currently based in Germany
  • Having stumbled into the land reform sector after completing her MPhil, Elke went on to work in land management and write her PhD thesis on land reform in Namibia.
  • Through her work and research, Elke has presented at two World Bank conferences in Washington DC and published on various other development platforms.
  • She cites the process of completing her PhD as the toughest mental challenge she has had to endure.
  • Elke is currently working at The German International Development Cooperation as an advisor on land management and contributing to dialogues on national and global levels.
  • Elke has published widely on issues of Communal Land use and the Rights of Women Farmers in Namibia and problems caused by Land Rush in Africa.
  • You can connect with Elke on LinkedIn.


Greatest achievement: 

Successfully juggling a PhD and full-time work for several years, whilst trying to make the most of life and push forward.

Professional interests: 

Land management, rural development and food security. 

Current occupation: 
Land Management Advisor