Bridget Chinouriri
Ethnomusicologist, creative writer, cultural consultant and scientist
University of Pretoria
Education, Arts, Humanities
  • Bridget is a Zimbabwean ethnomusicologist, creative writer, cultural consultant and scientist currently working as a senior lecturer in the Department of African Languages and Literature, at the University of Zimbabwe.
  • She completed a Masters degree in Music in 1998 at the University of Ghana, and later (2014) graduated from the University of Pretoria, South Africa with a Doctorate in Music.
  • Her research interests include indigenous knowledge systems, expressive arts, land, cultural science, politics and gender studies.
  • Bridget sits on a number of Cultural Boards and is involved with the steering committee for intangible cultural heritage in Zimbabwe.
  • Her greatest challenge has been overcoming poor societal attitudes towards the cultural industries.
Greatest achievement: 

Being recognised by stakeholders in her field as a cultural expert and consultant.

Professional interests: 

Research and policy making

Current occupation: 
Senior Lecturer at University of Zimbabwe