Ashanti O'Connell
Addressing child and adolescent mental health
South Africa
University of Ulster
  • Ashanti hails from Sebokeng township in the Vaal area of South Africa, but is now settled in the UK.
  • She was awarded a Canon Collins Scholarship to study for her PhD in Psychology Research at Ulster University in Ireland. Her research focused on Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders amongst children in South Africa.
  • Ashanti currently works as an Addiction Psychologist.
  • She travels frequently to South Africa spending her time working with schools and hospitals, sharing information and supporting teachers and mental health professionals who work with vulnerable youth.
  • Ashanti is currently completing an MSc in Child and Adolescent Mental Health.
Greatest achievement: 

Receiving support from the UK Department of Education to conduct research on the association between ADHD and Substance Misuse Disorder (SD) in Adolescents

Professional interests: 

Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Substance Misuse Disorder in Adolescents and Adults.

Current occupation: 
Addiction Psychologist