Aretha Cooper
Making health resources accessible to all
South Africa
University of Cape Town
  • Aretha has a small, close-knit family who have always provided her with lots of support to fulfil her life goals.
  • She was raised in Cape Town, in the shadow of Devil’s Peak, and still lives there as she finds the city and its nature beautiful.
  • In 2012, Aretha received a Canon Collins Scholarship, which allowed her to complete a PhD in Cell Biology.
  • Her interest in biology guided her into cancer research and Aretha hopes to contribute to the field in South Africa, and beyond.
  • Since the completion of her PhD, Aretha has been working for HealthQ Technologies, a data health company.
  • Aretha is passionate about making health resources available to everyone.
  • Her work focuses on cardiovascular biology with a view to providing affordable and accurate heart monitoring solutions using wearable technology.
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Greatest achievement: 

Completing my PhD.

Professional interests: 

Looking at non-invasive, affordable and easily available methods to measure markers of cardiovascular ageing or disruption. 

Current occupation: 
Research Scientist