The Canon Collins Trust Alumni Network is an extraordinary group of leaders from across southern Africa.

Why join?

With more than 3,500 alumni from over 35 years of scholarship programmes, the Canon Collins Alumni Network includes hundreds of outstanding lawyers, educators, scientists, business leaders, health-care providers, engineers, and executives of non-profit organisations who are now leading change in their communities and the wider region.

The Network offers a way for alumni to connect across professional and geographic spaces, further their commitment to social justice and 'give back' to the next generation of scholars.

Re-connect with the Network today to expand your personal and professional networks, share your story and achievements, access funding opportunities and participate in upcoming alumni events.

                               Alumni Events

  • Mandela Day Quiz. July 21, 2019. See video.
  • Scholarship Information Event, July 12, 2019. See Photos.
  • Alumni Dinner at the Annual Scholars' Conference June 1, 2019. See Photos.
  • Welcome Events in Cape Town and Johannesburg, 16th and 17th February 2019. See Photos.
  • Annual Alumni Seminar: Social Enterpise Forum. Saturday 17th November 2018. PDF iconSee programme here. See photos. 
  • Harare Scholarships Information Sharing Evening - 10 October 2018. PDF iconSee booklet here. 
  • Maseru Scholarships Information Sharing Evening - 26 June 2018 See photosPDF iconSee booklet here
  • Annual Alumni Dinner - 2 June 2018 See photos 
  • Dissertation workshop - April 2018. See powerpoints 1 and 2
  • Johannesburg Welcome Lunch- 18 February 2018 See photos 
  • Cape Town Welcome Breakfast- 17 February 2018 See photos
  • East London Alumni Gathering- 10 February 2018 See photos
  • Maseru Alumni Gathering- 21 January 2018
  • Alumni In Conversation: Women Leading for Social Justice- 25 November 2017 See photos & Watch videos
  • Harare Alumni Gathering- 18 September 2017 See photos
  • Cape Town Alumni Gathering- 1 September 2017 See photos
  • Annual Alumni Dinner, Cape Town- 3 June 2017 See photos & Read more
  • Cape Town Welcome Breakfast- 25 March 2017 See photos
  • Maseru Alumni Gathering- 16 March 2017 See photos
  • Johannesburg Welcome Breakfast- 11 March 2017 See photos
  • Harare Alumni Gathering- 7 March 2017 See photos
  • Annual Alumni Seminar, Johannesburg- 5 November 2016 See photos & Watch videos
  • Blantyre Alumni Gathering- 15 August 2016 See photos
  • Lilongwe Alumni Gathering- 6 August 2016 See photos
  • Annual Alumni Dinner, Cape Town- 28 May 2016 See photos
  • Cape Town Welcome Breakfast - 19 March 2016 See photos
  • Cape Town Alumni Writers' Retreat- 18 March 2016 See photos
  • Johannesburg Welcome Breakfast - 12 March 2016 See photos
  • Maseru Alumni Gathering - 5 March 2016 See photos

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