Between 2008 and 2010, the Canon Collins Trust worked with Hantam Community Education Trust on a project aiming to remove barriers to education and bring hope to children from disadvantaged backgrounds in the rural Northern Cape. The project, supported by the British Big Lottery Fund, provided over 1000 children from illiterate families with the tools to make the most of their education and supported the training of a new generation of school teachers in the province. The project also provided health support for children in the community, who were regularly assessed by a school nurse and given daily vitamin supplements to boost their immune systems. In cases where children were diagnosed as malnourished, they were provided with a multi-vitamin protein shake which made a tangible difference to classroom performance. By tackling linguistic barriers to education, 50% of children achieved relevant grade level in standard national tests by the end of the project (up from 20%). The project also oversaw a 30% reduction in common childhood illnesses among beneficiaries, through a community health awareness and prevention programme.