Giyani Careers Centre

This Limpopo-based careers centre provides an invaluable service in assisting young people and adults in finding their future career paths, particularly in mathematics and the sciences. Over the period 2013 – 2014, CCELAT, with financial support from JP Morgan, supported the Giyani Careers Centre (GCC) to strengthen and expand its important career guidance work. By the end of 2014, when this partnership concluded, the GCC had opened its doors and services to primary and high school learners, teachers, post-school youth, and the general public, with nearly 8000 visits to the Centre recorded over a 20 month period. In the same period, 116 Career Guidance teachers took part in a teacher enrichment training programme, 67% of whom had had no prior experience in career guidance. In a context of high unemployment and a lack of resources, the opportunity to access information and advice on careers and career pathways is critical. The achievements of the GCC were recognised by the Minister of Science and Technology during an official visit to the Centre in September 2015.