The Adolescent Girls’ Literacy Project (AGLIT) addresses issues of access, school dropout, and literacy and numeracy for vulnerable young girls who might feel societal pressures to wed early or leave school prematurely to assume household duties. January 2015 marked the end of an important 3 year DFID funded project to address school drop-out in Malawi, managed by CCELAT in collaboration with AGLIT and the Education Faculty of the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College. 2700 poor and vulnerable adolescents who would not otherwise have had access to educational opportunities participated in this project. 83% of this group acquired literacy and numeracy skills, enabling not just a second chance to re-enter primary schooling, but long-term strengthening of social networks and livelihoods through improved access to, and participation in health, education and agricultural programmes. Participants’ knowledge of HIV/AIDS increased significantly, with 97% of the participating youth testing for HIV and learning their status by the end of the project.  For disabled learners also, the project provided a unique opportunity for learning. There are no other available community programmes that have reached as many girls and disabled people as the AGLIT programme.