The Right Honourable Lord Peter Hain
Patron of the Trust

Lord Peter Hain was MP for Neath from 1991-2015, serving in the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, holding several Cabinet positions. In November 2015 he was introduced to the House of Lords. Born in South Africa, Lord Hain's family was exiled to London in 1966 after his parents were banned for their anti-apartheid activities. He became a British anti-apartheid leader, particularly involved in the campaign to boycott all-white South African sports tours from 1969 onwards. Lord Hain has served as patron of the Canon Collins Trust since June, 2016.

John Battersby
Chair of Trustees

John joined the board in July 2012 after serving for five years on the board of the Legal Assistance Trust. Having worked as a journalist for many years, John served as editor of the Sunday Independent in Johannesburg and was the southern Africa correspondent for the New York Times. He is also the former UK Manager of Brand South Africa.

Dr Kai Easton

Kai joined the board in 2009. She is a Senior Lecturer at SOAS, University of London, specialising in South African literature.  She previously taught at the universities of Sussex and Rhodes, and was a Mellon postdoctoral fellow in English at the University of KwaZulu-Natal from 2004-2006.

Lawson Naidoo

Lawson has a legal background and is the Executive Secretary of the Council for the Advancement of the South African Constitution (CASAC). He has accumulated 25 years’ experience in the political, parliamentary, business and NGO sectors.

David Holberton

David Holberton joined the Board as Treasurer in February 2016.  He is a Chartered Accountant who worked in public accounting for nine years in London and Toronto and now acts as locum finance director for SMEs in a variety of sectors which have included aviation, retail and contract catering, corporate events management, IT consultancy, publishing, and charities. 

Dr Justice Mavedzenge

Justice joined the board in 2018. He is a former Canon Collins scholar, and in 2014, helped to develop the Constitution of the Gauteng Alumni group. In 2016 (during his PhD studies) he was awarded the Scholars' Scholar Award - a prestigious scholarship funded by the alumni of the Canon Collins Trust. Justice  is a prolific scholar as well as a practising attourney who regularly publishes scholarship and conducts public interest litigation in Zimbabwe in furtherance of the agenda for a democratic and open society based on equality of humans. His scholarship and litigation record can be accessed here.

Keith Holdt

Keith joined the board in 2018 and is the Founder and Managing Partner of Equity Impact Partners, a business working internationally as an advisor to investor-backed businesses on strategies and execution plans to grow shareholder value through revenue growth, profit maximisation,cash generation and multiple enhancement. 

He was previously a trustee of Grow Movement, a charity supporting microbusinesses in a number of African countries.

Mpho Makwana

Mpho joined the board in October 2018. Mpho is an accomplished business leader with diverse experience spanning a period of more than 28 years in executive and C-Suite roles in the public and private sectors. 

He is currently Independent NonExecutive Chairman of JSE-listed ArcelorMittal South Africa Limited as well as eNX Limited. He further serves an Independent Non-Executive Director on the boards of JSE listed companies such as Adcock Ingram Holdings Ltd (AIHLF.PK), Nedbank Group Ltd (NDBKF.PK), Nedbank Ltd and Sephaku Holdings Limited (SEPJ.J)

Frewyeni Kindane
Frewyeni Kidane

Frewyeni joined the board in 2019 and works as the Principal Gifts fundraiser for Asia Pacific, Scandinavia and Africa for the University of Oxford Development Office (UODO). And has significant experience working with international prospective donors and volunteers.

Marjorie Ngwenya
Marjorie Ngwenya

Marjorie joined the board in 2019.  Marjorie is the Immediate Past President of the Institute and faculty of Actuaries. As an overseas member of council , Majorie represnts the IFoA as an ambassador, connecting with the IFoA's substantial overseas membership. Marjorie is also a trustee of the Legal Resources Trust in South Africa.