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Canon Collins South Africa Scholarship
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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Canon Collins South Africa postgraduate scholarship closed for applications 19 August, and we received 1091 applications in total. This is 168 more than last year. If we were to award those scholarships it would be valued at £1,09 million. We consider the increase in applications to be positive – it's a manageable yet still large enough amount to make the selection competitive. We are extremely grateful that we can continue to offer the opportunity to study to deserving scholars. The CCSA is funded by Sol Plaatjie Scholarships, Lionel Cliffe Scholarships, Ros Moger and Terry Furlong Scholarships and Patrick and Janet Stuart Scholarships. We are now busy with assessing. For now, a few basic stats on this year's applications.

Who our Applicants are

NATIONALITY:  As usual, the most represented nationalities were South Africa (40%), closely followed by Zimbabwe (33%). Representation from Malawi (7%), Lesotho (6%) and Zambia (5%) remain very similar to last year. Also, similarly to last year we have not received many applications from Namibians. This is a real shame as they are eligible for the same number of scholarships as Zimbabweans and South Africans. This is despite targetting Namibian media and strategic targetting of Namibians through social media advertising. Nevertheless, we have already discussed prioritising marketing our scholarships in Namibia in 2020.                       

GENDER: 56% of applicants we women, 44% were male, and 0.5% of applicants identified themselves as neither female nor male.

AGE: The average age of applicants is 30 years old, with the oldest applicant being 62 and the youngest 19.

UNIVERSITY:  Half of all the applications came from applicants wishing to pursue studies at either Universities of Cape Town, Witwatersrand or Pretoria, however the number of applications from scholars wishing to study at Rhodes tripled!

Screeching to the Finish Line     

Half of all applications were submitted either on the last day or after the initial deadline for applying had passed – putting tremendous burden on our application system. Only 30% of applications were actually submitted before this weekend. What is interesting, is the spike in new applications on 12th August. This is the day, our Facebook post reached an incredible 28 000 people!!!