Justice Mavedzenge
PhD Constitutional Law
University of Cape Town
Canon Collins Scholarships for Postgraduate Study in SA

For 2016, we are delighted to announce Justice Mavedzenge, a Constitutional Law student and activist from Zimbabawe, as the recipient of this prestigious Scholars' Scholar Award.

Justice is studying for a PhD in Constitutional Law from the University of Cape Town. His PhD thesis examines constitutional mechanisms which can be used as an alternative to enforce the right to adequate housing, even though the Constitution of Zimbabwe does not specifically provide for such a right for all. 

Justice completed his Master of Laws, also at UCT, on a Canon Collins scholarship in 2013. He has extensive experience working as a human rights advocate and program manager in Zimbabwe and South Africa. Additionally, he is the author of two text books on Zimbabwean Constitutional Law which have been widely quoted in court judgements and academic research. Through this work, Justice is contributing to the fight for social justice for the broader communities of marginalised people in Zimbabwe. 

On receiving the Scholars’ Scholar award, Justice said: ‘I am grateful for this show of confidence in me. By this, I am encouraged to do more, in partnership with the Trust, to work towards the creation of a just and prosperous southern Africa, where all men and women live equally and are able to realise their full potential’

Scholar's Scholar Year: