Vathiswa Papu-Zamxaka
Education access for children from disadvantaged backgrounds
Involved alumni: 
Vathiswa Papu-Zamxaka
2018 contender
The challenge that the project addresses: 
Tertiary EducationHistorically disadvantaged learners from rural areas and townships are deprived of accessing tertiary education. Part of the reason is that their secondary school results are often not good enough for them to earn bursaries and yet, whilst they are equally capable of successfully completing higher education qualifications.Secondary EducationLearners from under-resourced and poor communities often do not receive a quality education;lack of resources, infrastructure and experienced educators are some of the challenges; 
What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?: 

Esther-Maledzi NPC, whose members are professional women from different career backgrounds offers:

  • Financial support for undergraduate tertiary studies, the funds are contributed by the members of Esther-Maledzi (EM)
  • Tutoring of secondary school learners in Mathematics, Science & Accounting through Government Internship programs for unemployed graduates,
  • Role modelling campaigns by EM members,
  • Career Day events in schools by EM members,
  • Annual national fundraising women conference organised by EM members
Describe the project's impact: 

Our current EM funding recipient, whom we have been funding since 2016 is now completing his 3-year Accounting studies,
We have held annual fundraising conferences since 2016, which have had a positive spiritual impact nationwide;
We have assisted one school in the EC with school shoes for learners;
We have participated in a career day event in one school in Cape Town;