Destiny & Hope Foundation
Involved alumni: 
Trinity Ncube
2017 Contender
The challenge that the project addresses: 
The Destiny & Hope Foundation is a think-tank and training platform that aims to improve the life chances of young South Africans by directly confronting issues of youth unemployment, unethical leadership and financial illiteracy. Approximately 70 % of Africa's population is below the age of 25 and 60% of youths are not engaged in meaningful economic activity. Unethical leadership and a lack of positive role models further hinders the development of many youths in marginalised communities. Through innovation in education, health and business, South Africa’s youth can break out of these unfulfilling cycles and make meaningful and sustainable socio-economic gains. 
What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?: 

The Destiny & Hope Foundation aims is to kick-start the move towards a new economy through big ideas and fresh thinking. Our approach involves:

  • training & developing independent young people in business and entrepreneurship through a blended learning approach, including face to face facilitation and the provision of open online courses
  • conducting high quality, ground-breaking research highlighting problems in the current economy and advocating for evidence-led reform
  • working with other organisations locally, regionally and across the world, to build a movement for economic change through book cafes, seminars and business workshops
  • assisting youths with employment placements, and providing financial aid for studies and business start-ups
  • mentoring and coaching youths about ethical leadership in business and society, through a new online radio show
Describe the project's impact: 

Over the past two years, the Destiny & Hope Foundation have made significant gains by leveraging community centre resources in conjunction with the City of Johannesburg and developing a number of strategic partnerships:

  • Securing 200 free Seth Godin entrepreneurship courses through the Udemy network and partnering with Regenesys Business School, to provide free business education courses.
  • Partnering with Edx, Coursera and LinkedIn learning to provide training in industry specific skills.
  • Reaching at least 30,000 youths to date, enhancing their academic credentials and access to professional opportunities.
  • 80 % of surveyed youth participants now express a preference for creating jobs, rather than looking for jobs, by starting their own businesses.