Big Brother Big Sister Orphanage Outreach, Zimbabwe
Involved alumni: 
Tinashe Mundawarara
The challenge that the project addresses: 
My project seeks to address problems of hunger and social exclusion suffered by orphans in the marginalised poor urban areas of Harare, Zimbabwe. This project focuses on Wings of Grace Orphanage in Mufakose. Orphans here are often deprived of their right to basic nutrition due to insufficient resources and repeatedly suffer social exclusion due to lack of family support structures or mentorship.
What is your project doing to respond to this challenge?: 

The project addresses these problems using a Big Brother Big Sister framework. This involves orphanage visits wherein we provide food resources, establish relationships with the orphans and mentor them, as big brothers and sisters to promote positive social development. Spending time with orphans and demonstrating an interest in and providing guidance on their future aspirations cultivates a support structure that is infused with warmth and love. I include older girls during the visits to act as big sisters to the younger females. Orphans are helped with school work, provided with adolescent sexual reproductive health information and social knowledge.

Describe the project's impact: 

The project provides a basic support structure for the children at Wings of Grace Orphanage which is vital for their social development. Providing urgently needed sustenance alleviates the pangs of hunger and affords the children the opportunity to attend school without suffering from exhaustion and distress. A Christmas party, organised by the project, brought joy and happiness to the children; they felt worthy and loved.