Justice Mavedzenge
Advocating for Constitutional change for the benefit of all Zimbabweans
University of Cape Town
  • Justice's humble background - raised by a single mother facing economic hardship -  motivated him to strive to alleviate injustices in Zimbabwe
  • He initially studied for a BA in African Languages and Culture at Midlands State University, Zimbabwe, before completing his LLB at the University of South Africa. Justice decided to pursue Constitutional and Human Rights Law in order to address the issues facing Zimbabwe under authoritarian rule, equipping him with the skills to defend the rights of the oppressed in addition to contributing towards the democratic transition in Zimbabwe.
  • Justice went on to pursue an LLM at the University of Cape Town on a Canon Collins Scholarship in 2013. You can listen to an interview with Justice discussing his research for his thesis on our SoundCloud channel here.
  • In addition to completing his PhD in Constitutional Law at UCT, funded by Canon Collins Trust from 2016-17, Justice authored two textbooks on Zimbabwean Constitutional Law which have been widely quoted in court judgements and academic research. His PhD thesis examined constitutional mechanisms which can be used as an alternative to enforce the right to adequate housing, even though the Constitution of Zimbabwe does not specifically provide for such a right for all. He served as a research fellow at the Centre for Applied Legal Research in Harare, Zimbabwe.
  • Justice was the recipient of the 2016 Scholar’s Scholar award, funded by Alumni of Canon Collins Trust. He is now a practicing lawyer in the field of Constitutional and Administrative Law.
  • You can read more of Justice’s work here.
Greatest achievement: 

Publishing textbooks on socio-economic rights in Zimbabwe, establishing him as a national authority on the subject

Professional interests: 

Constitutional Law, Human Rights, Social Justice, Economic Justice, Inequality, Democracy

Current occupation: 
Scholar's Scholar Year: